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sometimes crafting your resume may be like taking lemons and making lemonade

Whether you are in a creative field or one that may be more traditional you can...

elevate yourself above the BLAH!

Investing in your personal brand goes beyond new shoes and updated wardrobe. Everyone is becoming their own paparazzi and brand ambassadors in today's world.

A resumé or CV should be well designed, legible, and written cohesively and succinctly. As a standard business document there is a typical hierarchy and system that should be implemented in how to convey your experiences and skills. If done with technique and a special design pizzaz your resume can be a step above.

Have you had a position that you don't think relates to what you want to do next? This is how you make lemonade out of lemons. I know how to write the details to be able to quantify and clarify those experiences so they actually show related skills to the new position.

Are you...

> emerging from a degree or training program of any kind and ready to prepare this material?

> a creative in any field from art, to design, to interior design or arch, or music, writing, theater, etc. and ready to have your work presented in a professional way? (or more traditional fields, I can help you too)

> at any stage in your career and ready to polish the document so that it's ready just in case or you are active in the job search?

> lacking in time or just want extra eyes on your document?

> wishing you could get your LinkedIn profile updated or your formatted resume to be compatible?


The time is NOW! Let's work together.


As design coach I will provide a variety of assistance level from critique and recommendations to becoming your design warrior who can ask you the right questions to be able to write/edit and design your resume in a timely manner.


I have been working with people in the bridge to the profession for most of my career.

As a designer, I am trained to pay attention to:

  • legibility

  • hierarchy of information

  • clarity of information

  • composition

  • typography and aesthetic options

  • typographic errors and succinctness in information

  • and design without cliche or trends


A resume is a business document that has many conventions. However, the way you structure and organize it can grab attention from the readers - whether it be a committee, an H.R. person or your future supervisor.

Whether or not you are in a creative field, your resume should be a well designed object that is easy to read and provides the information in the appropriate order so that you convey the professional that you are or strive to be.


get started

This is a simple process. Begin by submitting a registration to make sure that our time availability and deadlines jive together. I'll be able to view your current information and provide feedback in email. The level of work will determine the total rate that will be provided in a quote after reviewing your material.

No obligation to start the process with registration information for scheduling a free consultation below.


Upon review of your existing material, your needs and goals, I will provide a proposal that may include any of the following:

feedback and editing only

writing and editing only

design includes organization and writing

design plus assistance with LinkedIn

Average rates will range between $75 and $250. Design will be done in InDesign and provided as native file, pdf, and jpg. Other software may incur additional charges. Note that document software is not the best option to create a resume because of the limitation of the formatting (why they all look the same). Once we agree on a plan, any additional edits or work will incur additional per hour charge which will be noted in our work agreement.

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