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> Currently enrolled in a program, but still feel like you need a coach to help you improve your portfolio, focus on improving my strengths and targeting my weaknesses for growth.

.> Starting your career or in the 2 to 5 year phase and just feeling stagnant. Possibly being asked to do creative tasks out of your comfort zone, so you need a coach to help you expand my creative horizons.

> College wasn't for me, but I started some classes and really need help beyond talking head online tutorials.
> In an associated field and want to broaden my skill set to include graphic design for my own purposes or for my current employment.

> A non-traditional student of any age looking for one class or more to have marketable skills in my career shift?


The most important aspect of this process is an assessment of your work to date and a conversation about your background and goals. Once we have an initial consultation and I'm able to review your work, I'll provide feedback on what I see as your strengths and weaknesses with a suggested program plan for your time and budget.

If you only have projects from school, you probably need to freshen them up or possibly remove them. With my extensive connection in the design industry, I'm able to convey what type of work is a stronger representation of your design voice. If you have exclusively been working on solving projects for a teacher's objectives and a grade, they may not necessarily be ready for the portfolio. 

If you only have projects from clients or an employer that potentially you cannot use in your portfolio, we can work together to assess your preferred career path and type of clients to develop hypothetical projects that will be beneficial in your portfolio. It's possible you may have to revamp work or create an entirely new set of pieces. 

Some of the areas typically people need to focus on:

  • concept development and exhibiting design process

  • typography and use of color

  • type and image

  • a broader array of artifact type OR a narrowing down of artifact / style for a specific market you want to work in.

Things to consider:

  • Never put anything in your portfolio that has flaws, that you have to defend or make excuses for (the color on the screen, the assignment was ___, etc.)

  • Never put anything in your portfolio that represents the type of work or style you are not interested in doing (because people will hire you for it)

* more tips and stories during our conversations!

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an online course or individual projects (see below):

Based on the evaluation of your work and our conversation of your goals and workflow, you may opt to work with me through one of my online courses that are comprehensive and based on innovative curriculum developed over my career to be as fresh as possible for the time we are living in.




After our initial 30 minute consultation to review your work, I may give you a list of recommendations on how to edit your current portfolio pieces to make them more representational of your strengths. This would include an itemized recommendation list

and a follow-up video conference session (approximately 1 hr) to discuss any edits or issues you may come across in the process.



May add a basic assignment to do on your own from several options that will be customized for your particular needs and focus.
This will include the instruction and other material in a pdf, but no other follow-up interaction. You may add-on on call hours to schedule random short meetings or emails

$39 - $99 on average for project assignments

$50/hr for on-call or buy in batches of 5 hrs for $200


This is a consultation and coaching option that will be customized based on your learning style and your basic goals for improving your work based on the assessment.
This could include a bonus component to the existing courses below..


Includes initial consultation and two 1hr sessions a week (or a 2 hr session)

for 4 weeks consecutive
(unless tech or personal issues on either end require us to extend briefly)



Includes initial consultation and approximately 2 hrs per week of video,

phone and email conversations for 8 weeks. May accrue time and schedule on a weekly basis as needed. Must complete within 8 weeks, or agree to a 2 or 4 week extension.


Additional time/ special rate: $40/hr


You have a pressing need and specific project you want to tackle. Maybe you are working on a new project at your work, starting an internship that requires you to do more graphic design, or are a creative in other fields and would prefer a one-on-one consultation as needed to achieve your goals. This option is based on what you may be working on at the time with additional projects or recommendations as they arise in the conversations.

10 hours instruction/video conference

* should redeem within 6 months


additional time (may buy in batches)


courses & projects


expressive typography; connotation vs denotation; concept development, composition; design principles, elements, and process


This course is recommended if you need to expand your affinity to typographic solutions and concept development. Based on years of working with students, connecting to the industry, and adapting assignments to be comprehensive in learning as well as dynamic in outcomes, this course has two assignments with multiple components. Typical semesters are about 14 weeks of work meeting twice a week. This work online can be done at your own pace and may take approximately 8-10 weeks unless you are working on it every day. Included in the format are video demonstrations, explanations of the assignment and pacing, many resources and reference material and opportunities for assessment without the pressure of grades.

If you want additional one-on-one coaching, choose the PLUS option when booking.




advanced level design project that emphasizes type, image and color building a uniform brand; design principles, elements and process includes hand craft vs digital.



If you are looking to expand your type, concept development, use of color, use of type and image, then this project may be up your alley. If you want to delve into package design, then this is the assignment for you.

You should have a basic command of typography for this assignment or can add-on extra lessons about type history and classification as you enter the design process for this fun project.

This process includes an assignment and up to 5 hours of one-on-one contact to discuss your work.




A design class jam packed with projects related to becoming a citizen designer - social justice, environmental issues, and working with non-profits is just a glimpse. Bonus content of history of visual communication related to this topic.


Now more than ever with world-wide BM protests, climate change, and more reasons to get involved in a movement, Citizen Designer course gives you practical skills to move your passion into doing really great things for transforming your passion projects into entrepreneurial pursuits, your community and community activism, and the eco-system or economy as you engage in bringing good design to small businesses, non-profits and beyond.

This online course is full of instructional videos, several assignments that will teach you about design or re-engage your design spirit from learning branding and creating artifacts for campaigns. BONUS material includes historical context of visual communication and youth movements that have made massive impact on society.




brand design; gestalt theory; figure/ground; sketching; understanding vectors; design principles, elements, and process

FINAL ARTIFACT: BRAND IDENTITY SYSTEM plus: design process book, logo and brand guidelines, collateral

Are you ready to add brand identity to your arsenal? Are you a marketing or in a related creative field being asked to do this type of design work for people you know or your employer? This course is a bit more comprehensive in scope than some of the other offerings and it is not yet formatted into an online option. This means we will meet for up to 10 hours of one-on-one as you go through the design process.

Important to learn about concept development, ideation and sketching (and sketching and sketching), that will help you identify interesting marks for your specific solution. Then you will expand this into an entire identity system with a brand guideline document. Lastly you will assemble all of your work into a process book that tells the story of your thoughts and work - your intellectual property. Digital tools emphasized are Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.



TYPE 101

type history; type classification; the design process in selecting typography; design principles, elements and process

FINAL ARTIFACT: a set of 5 book covers

IF you ned a crash course on typography, this class will be a good option. Currently this is NOT an ONLINE option, but I will provide you with the assignment, examples, and other material to do the work.
The assignment will allow you to explore typography with digital and handcraft options in creating a set of book covers which need to be unified.


We will have follow-up conversations just like you would have if we were in a critique classroom setting. Includes up to 5 hours of one-on-one video conferencing.





research and writing; layout; concept development; design principles, elements, and process.

FINAL ARTIFACT: A BOOK OR MAGAZINE FORMAT that you can print on demand

It is very important to have a connection and understanding of the past in terms of how design and culture relate. In this mini session of my course called: Time Traveler which is also available as an in person workshop, an XXL travel experience, or an online course, you will explore the history of type and design through a curated investigation resulting in a dynamic use of word and image.


The goals in the process are understanding page layout and book design with a comprehensive thematic concept to which you refer to for all decisions from color, grid system, and even hierarchy. Learn about how a semiotic matrix may help you in the various visuals integrated into the final product. This is a more intensive course than the others and includes much historical information as well as a requirement to do your own research and writing. This includes up to 16 hrs of video one-on-one meetings. This course will emphasize curatorial production, page layout in InDesign, and type/image relationships with your own imagery included as needed. It assumes you have a basic command of photoshop and Illustrator.



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