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The college hunt is a complicated, overwhelming and dizzying process.

Throwing Caps

Stop wasting time in random internet list searches.

Before you spend hundreds in application fees or thousands in tuition,
spend time in a self-discovery process with Coach Val.

Coach Val has a unique set of experiences and insights along with a personable approach to mentorship relationships to be the partner you need in this journey.

place / near or far
small vs medium vs large
public vs private vs other
old or new(ish)
major / minor / other
student life and extra-curricular
& so many other facets of the college experience


hidden costs
longevity - financial health of the place
perceived quality
class sizes




Why Val?


Val is an Academic Insider as a former professor with more than 20 years experience including as a student advisor and prospective student contact.

With decades of experience as a designer, Val helps you navigate the user experience to hone in on the details that you need in the decision process.

Val provides a one-on-one customized experience as we team up to go on this journey.
You will have a reliable outsider companion who is completely neutral for you in your evaluation and who helps you to clarify your own path options.


Val brings insight into the College experience and can help you weed out options.
Higher education is rapidly changing due to demographics as well as the ramifications of the recent pandemic. Some things to consider in your search is the health of the institution and also any other circumstances in the particular place (such as drought, accessibility, etc.)

Did you Know?
Some schools are shutting their doors.
Some schools are shutting programs.
Val can help you assess the health of your possible options.


or contact by text with your email to start the free initial conversation

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“I sought guidance for the college applications process last year, which led me to meet Val. Given that I am the oldest child in my family, it is safe to assume that I required any sort of help I could get because we had no idea what we were doing. My specific areas of concern surrounded essay guidance, college planning, and any other academic information I required, areas that Val helped me with immensely. Her ability to latch onto my needs and expectations, for instance, regarding location, majors, or programs, was impeccable. Her knowledge, especially as a professor herself, was also as impressive and just as helpful, given that she was able to obtain the proper resources and information regarding my colleges of choice, determining whether it met my personal requirements and needs.


During our meetings working together intently, she answered any inquiries I had, without any sort of judgment. I especially appreciated her assistance regarding essays and editing. At times that I had writer's block, or was unable to properly express my emotions in written form,  her support was wonderful. Asking questions, providing comments that sparked inspiration within me is the reason why I was able to create such a powerful and personal essay. Her entire approach throughout our meetings together made me feel comfortable, seen, and efficient because she constantly reminded me of my goals and aspirations related to my future career.  I definitely would not have been able to do it without her guidance and for that, I am extremely grateful."

Yamini / California / H.S. Class of 2021

"We are so impressed with how much work you did for (our son). We are so grateful."

A grateful Mom / California / Summer 2021

“Thanks a lot for everything. At first I didn't expect you to be this good before our first session, but you shocked me. I showed a friend and my guidance counselor what I had so far in the edited version (of my college application essay) and they seemed really impressed:) - some claiming they were about to cry."

Note: This student's story made me, Val, cry and he was able to take constructive criticism to transform a very difficult life story into a less than 600 word powerful essay.

Chauncy / New York / H.S. Class of 2021



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