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How do you package yourself to stand out in the crowd?

Don't wait to polish up your professional image!

Elevate yourself above the BLAH!

Investing in your personal brand goes beyond new shoes and updated wardrobe. Everyone is becoming their own paparazzi and brand ambassadors in today's world.

Don't wait until you don't have time to do this while you may be immersed in a new job search. The best time to implement this is when you already have a job/career. It's a good time to document and organize your work in a visible way for career advancement.

Are you...
> emerging from a degree or training program of any kind an ready to prepare this material?

> a creative in any field from art, to design, to interior design or arch, or music, writing, theater, etc. and ready to have your work presented in a professional way?

> in that necessary 1-5 years of experience gathering to advance to the next level or your dream employer or position?

> looking to shift careers and need a complete overhaul from the work you have, or cannot use the proprietary content you were involved in?
> or maybe you just have no time to freshen up your online presence on your own and would love some assistance.
The time is NOW! Let's work together.

Resumé's should be well designed, legible, and written cohesively and succinctly. With access to digital tools, more expectations of an online portfolio for any profession is expected.
What you need is a design coach to guide you through the design brand process to create consistency across all platforms just like a digital wardrobe.

BRAND YOU program starts with an evaluation and coaching consultation. Sign up for an initial free consultation where we will discuss your needs and goals for creating your comprehensive brand collateral which may include a system based off of several key components.
Your brand should communicate not only what you do as a creative, but highlight your strengths and skills with a concept that extends to a typographic and color system and potentially a logo that will be used to create a visual system from resume to digital profiles to an online portfolio.

Step 2 includes self-evaluation. You'll examine your strengths and weaknesses, skills and a goal assessment. You'll be asked to pull together examples of your work - from writing, to marketing campaigns, to design and beyond.

Step 3 will pass the baton to me as your designer and coach to develop your concepts to choose from rather than choosing an a.i. approach or a d.i.y. solution. Once you approve the direction, this will be implemented across the collateral material.

If you choose to do the rest of the work on your own, this is also a possibility to take my course.



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Working with me as your coach, you will go through a brief evaluation and interview process to assess your personality and 3 top skills that set you apart from the pack. Remember that people are hiring whom they want to work with if in fact all the prospects are of relatively equal qualifications. The network you build and your digital representation of your skills combined can make you a vital asset for anyone's team.

Elevate your brand beyond templates and auto-generators to instill your individuality and personality into all of the material that represents YOU!

No obligation to start the process with registration information for scheduling a free consultation below.


Working with Coach Val to elevate your brand
will include the following:

- initial consultation (ranging between 30-60 minutes)

- an assignment of self-evaluation that you complete and submit for the conceptualization phase

- 3 concepts to choose from after submitting evaluation

- after choosing concept, you will receive a brand proposal of 3 visual options which will include image, type, and color system

- you may select one, or decide to combine them

- one review for edits before moving to finalization of this system

- upon approval of the final system, will move to design and writing of your resumé (should submit at least a document file)

- resumé will be designed within your brand framework and provided for up to 2 reviews and editing.

I will organize and write your information and design the document in InDesign or Illustrator providing you with a pdf, jpg and native file.

- upon completion of resumé, will move to designing or redesigning your web presence. preferred platform is wix so that you can have access and update your own work in the future. additional charges may apply for squarespace, wordpress or other services.

- you should submit all of your material to be uploaded via a google drive link, or have an existing account with imagery. any images that need to be edited will incur an additional charge of $30/hr for photoshop work.

This process could take on average 2 months but as long as 6 months based on receiving information and correspondence in a timely basis. If you prefer the work sooner, there may be a rush charge..

Additional edits beyond the base established will incur additional charge per hour discounted from standard of $75/hr.

* payment plan available

Please submit get started form below to set up free initial consultation that will allow us to access the scope of your project and an estimate on the time and fees.


Feeling like you want to learn branding while you create your own?

Then opt for my comprehensive course BRAND:ME
which will take you through the similar process, but you will do all the designing yourself receiving feedback from me on the work as you go.

May add additional time for consultation in blocks of 2 hrs video conference and email support for $75 as an add-on.


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An online course that is based off of my years working with those students in the bridge to the profession. This course allows you to learn about branding and work on your own brand at your own pace. Featuring video content for demos and additional information, reference material and more. You'll learn:
- a skills analysis and goal assessment
- overview of branding and brand stories
- what is figure/ground, gestalt, and visual hierarchy in the design process
- concept development: using the skills analysis and goal assessment you'll embark on a creative thinking process to begin your own brand design process

- design your own brand and brand story
- discover the importance of a brand identity guideline (skills that could be added to your arsenal)
- learn how to design your resume to be clear, legible, and written in a way that is cohesive while showing qualitative and quantifying data - go beyond bullet points!
- discover simple approach to translating your brand across the digital platform
- get feedback on creating a simple online portfolio (if you choose to go in this direction)
- receive coaching feedback on your online profiles such as LinkedIn or Indeed
- learn about resources available to produce your print collateral - such as having a business card to share on your nomad journey or the network events you attend
- discover tips for writing cover letters

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