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A great gift for the book aficionado in your life that has a long list of titles left to read. This gift won't add to the bookshelf, but will be a grand gesture from the heart as one can explore on their own time all facets of the Book in this mini-course: Books: the life and love of...


until Feb 15, 2022

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What's Included?


Part 1

The journey of the book starts with a warm welcome and features 5 sections including:

  • TWO time travel explorations from ancient cultures to the print industry

  • A look at the modern book and book design

  • Information on making your own paper, bookbinding, and artist books

  • a list of books about books and movie trailers related to books


Part 2

Now that you've learned about the journey to arrive at the modern book this smaller section highlights a few important topics and how to get involved in each.

  • Illiteracy / Literacy

  • Libraries / and more

  • Burn or Ban Books and how to combat

The course is designed to go at your own pace and in any order, but it is recommended to go in the order presented. You'll have some presentations from Val and then curated content that expands on the content. Access to the course is available for 365 days after purchase. Easy to use interface and lots of interesting content.



Fellow Book Lover Val is bringing you one of her favorite courses. As a long time graphic designer and design educator, the history of communication and the book have been forefront of her career to share with others as an educator. Early memories of book mobiles including the smell of those new books along with being surrounded by piles of books from that early age are aspects that drive her in life.

Val has an MFA in Graphic Design and in 2018 walked away from tenure in a 20+ career as a graphic design professor. Her courses have been developed based on interactions with many in the college environment, but relatable to all ages. This books course is recommended for 10 and up.


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