The most important thing to know about me is that I am dedicated to teaching and enrichment of people primarily with my underlying philosophy of the art of accidental adventure. From an early age, I've been a coach – camp counselor, Girl Scout leader, nanny – and that lead to a career track as a graphic design professor. My philosophy for life and creativity - getting lost, happy accidents, the art of accidental adventure -  is integrated into why I've become a coach. A desire for deeper impact, deeper meaning, and a deeper connection not only with people, but the natural world, that has instigated me to walk away from a tenured professorship in 2018 (those jobs where people work in one place until retirement, which is not necessarily good). Like many people, I realized I've been in one of those career HOV lanes that has limited exit ramps. I've decided to make my own exit so I could work with more people in a more rewarding way as your creativity coach.

I am now living in rural Tennessee southwest of Nashville in an amazing area on the Highland Rim which has little light pollution. A connection to nature is very important to me. I have animals - donkeys, chickens, peafowl, a rabbit, cats, and special needs dogs. There is something magical about being able to see the stars on a dark night and the fireflies in the summer. As a lifelong learner, I'm always seeking new knowledge. I am a certified as a Forest Bathing Guide by the Assocation of Nature and Forest Therapists, a training program inspired by Shinrin-yoku, Japanese Forest Bathing. I am also finalizing a Naturalist certification in 2021.



I offer retreats and workshops at my property including in person bootcamp. Check it out!

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What is Graphic Design? What does it mean to be a creative thinker?

This is an introduction to my creative philosophy and examples of why maybe you may want a design coach who was once a professor. This includes a critical analysis of a design project and then an explanation of the design process thru a case study of a branding project.

What about my coaching and teaching philosophy? What about my own creative work?

This is an overview of a course called Taste and examples of student solutions. Followed by examples of my own work.