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Spring Special

Are you a high school Junior or Senior, or parents, seeking help for the college application process? The best time to start this journey is summer.


Are you the parent of a middle or high school student who has found new learning environments or new instructors confusing and complicated? Are you seeking general help in time management, study skills, or specific assistance in areas of communication from writing, editing, or even interpreting assignments?

Are you in need of a coach for reading, writing, vocabulary, editing at any level from middle school to college or adult learners?

Are you interested in learning Graphic Design or expanding your Graphic Design arsenal with personal instruction beyond your current enrollment or d.i.y. path?


Do you need assistance in learning Adobe software (pc/mac) or the Mac platform and really wish you could have personal attention rather than trying to figure it out on your own?

Are you in a creative field such as interior design, marketing, art management, or even graphic design needing career advice, consultation on your brand, resume and portfolio?

Are you a startup, small business entrepreneur or work in marketing or related field and need a consultation on your brand or other concepts?


An Academic COACH,
 A Creativity COACH,
A Design COACH
A professor turned COACH:
Coach VAL !


Need assistance navigating life after high school in considering possible careers, the best major for that pursuit, and the best college or other training programs to pursue your dreams?

I have spent more than 2 decades working with people in helping to analyze and make these significant life decisions. I am a great one-on-one coach to work with in assessing your skills, passions, and connecting them to possibilities for you - some that you may not be aware of.

Not limited to creative fields, but if that is your interest I have an inside scoop. In addition, I've worked with students interested in science, engineering, nursing, the humanities and many other disciplines. As a former graphic design college professor of more than 20 years with connections across many disciplines, I can help you navigate the user experience of education websites in deciphering and discovering the options for you as an individual.

Using listening skills, targeting questions, as well as knowledge of the college environment, I would love to work with you to help you make some decisions and even eventually writing your application essay.

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Are you frustrated with the myriad of d.i.y. learning options out there for the digital tools available such as in the Adobe Creative Suite?

Whatever your purpose for an outcome, you yearn to have a better grasp on these tools, but work better when you can go at your own pace while asking questions. 

I have been using Adobe products since they were introduced. I've been working with all skill levels for more than 20 years in helping to understand the basic mechanics of the tools. I have developed numerous metaphors that help you understand the operation of these complex programs. I specialize in the novice introduction, but can also help expand your techniques with some vital aspects that are often overlooked in d.i.y. and other types of tutorials.

In 2020, I've been working with a few people who were enrolled in a variety of online courses through Universities where the instruction was so poor that they were lost. From excruciatingly long zoom video conferences to poorly written instructions, I've been able to help these students understand the material by working one-on-one in a coach mode.

Do you just need to have someone on call while you figure out the program?

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Did you know that most people teach the way they were taught? Have you ever considered which faculty members in your potential college instruction has worked to innovate or are they using the same projects over and over and over and over again, sometimes for decades?

Perhaps you are in high school and lack the opportunity to learn from a trained designer with experience in the field, experience as a long time design educator, AND someone who spent much of that career engaged at a high level of leadership in the grassroots organization of AIGA. From teaching and design conferences, I've spent much time expanding my connections and knowledge to be innovative in instruction.

With my connection to the design industry, I understand what employers are looking for in your portfolio and have designed curriculum based on not just learning digital tools, but striving to become a critical thinker so that you are uniquely able to adapt a future where Artificial Intelligence is rapidly replacing production and other aspects of the design industry.

Options include one-on-one sessions, take one or all of my 5 online courses at your own pace with assistance as you go, or join one of my in person workshops with social distancing always in mind.

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Are you entering the job market and need some career consulting in how to navigate the resume, linked in, interview and other aspects of this?

If you are in a creative field such as artist, interior design, marketing, writing, and others who really need a personalized website and/or portfolio but because you aren't a designer you are stuck?

Because of my personality skill set in working with people and my years in a liberal arts university as a faculty advisor to many students, I am uniquely adept at being able to not only help coach you in the career path, but also can assist with resume writing, portfolio design, or coaching you through your own d.i.y. process.

I have lost count as to how many portfolios I have reviewed formally and informally at student sessions and conferences. I have lost count as to how many friends in the design industry have shared their insights into what they seek in a

Individual attention & Empowerment

to pursue your dreams

• One-on-one video conferencing with flexible scheduling

• Typical availability 9am-5pm & 8-11pm - central time

• Email correspondence and support messages

• WhatsApp connection for messaging and/or video calls

• Coaching methodology means each individual is unique

• Lots of encouragement and High 5s from coach who connects

• Good listener who can ask the right questions for your goals

• Empowering you to live your best life finding clarity

• Let's figure out how to connect your interests into a path

Work Desk


Have you ever had a coach or counselor in other activities from sports to health?

Technology allows us to connect virtually which opens up opportunities to connect uniquely in a one-on-one level.

Trained as a graphic designer, my senses are heightened and many tell me that I see the world in a way most don't. Some friends call me a puzzler while someone else referred to me as their swiss army knife.

I am adept at connecting disparate parts into a cohesive understandable plan. I get ideas during our conversations and will research or help make you aware of options you may not have thought about.


Technology has become accessible by a majority of the population but access still needs to flatten for rural and lower economic status.


Tweens have the access to make apps. Everyone can make video content and upload.

If you need assistance with digital tools such as the Adobe Creative Cloud (mac or pc) or understanding the Mac platform, let's work together.

If you need assistance designing your material, getting feedback on your business products or understanding the principles of design to improve your work, your business materials or even create your web portfolio,

I can help.

are you interested in video and telling visual stories?

are you in need of assistance writing college applications or your resume and portfolio content?

I am an excellent writer and tutor in writing. I studied narrative and digital storytelling in graduate school and it's been an interest for more than 2 decades.

I'm a global thinker - what is your learning style? Let's figure it out to help you in your journey.

I'm an INFJ-A (an ADVOCATE) and according to 16 this is a very rare in the population. "People with this personality type tend to see helping others as their purpose in life." 


Are you in need of feedback on a current project?

Would you like a critique of your company logo, your personal website or your resumé/portfolio?


One-on-one virtual sessions available.

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